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School Readiness

What does “school readiness” mean?

Even before children attend prekindergarten, they gain from experiences that help them be ready for school.


Florida’s School Readiness Program or SR offers financial assistance to eligible low-income families for early education and care so they can become financially self-sufficient and their young children can be successful in school in the future. Services vary based on individual needs and range from extended day care to after-school and school-age care in some instances.

Which children are eligible?

There are three primary eligibility requirements:


  • Parent(s)/guardian(s) must be working or participating in an educational activity such as attending college or trade school at least 20 hours/week.

  • Gross income must be at or below 150 percent of federal poverty level for family size.

  • Families must pay a co-payment for child care based on income and family size.

How do I apply for the School Readiness Program?

You can apply online from a computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone.  Go to


If you have specific questions about the program, contact your local early learning coalition. You will find a map of all 30 coalitions in Florida on the early learning website at You can also receive more information about the School Readiness Program and how to apply by calling the toll-free family line at the Office of Early Learning 1-866-357-3239 (TTY: 711).

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