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Our Programs

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela


In our center, through supervised play in a planned, stimulating environment, toddlers rapidly acquire a foundation of basic skills and capacities during the first two years. Motor skills develop, early language begins, traces of complex thinking appear and important social and emotional developments occurred by interacting with peers and adults.


​In our center, preschool children enjoy spending time with other youngsters their own age and becoming involved with group activities. Structured educational programs introduce them to basic concepts in language, arts, math, science and social studies. We have specifically designed learning centers for individual and group projects that encourage children to make discovery about themselves, fellow beings and the world we all share and live in.



​In our center, the program is attended for Kindergarten and Elementary School children. We offer safe, stimulating and environment. After school is spent finishing homework, engaging in physical fitness, fantastic park days, music days and exciting games with special friends. A mid-afternoon snack is served.      


In our center should have for each child:

  • Completed enrollment information

  • Medical Examination certificate

  • Recording of current and up-to-date immunizations


Each student must have a complete file which includes the following forms:

  • Completion of the Child Enrollment Information form # 1

  • An up-to-date physical form # 3040

  • An up-to-date immunization form # 680

  • Must have read and signed Procedures For Discipline Policy

  • A signed “Alternate Nutrition Plan” form

  • Understanding, Completion and Signed of the “Know your Child Care Center” brochure

  • A signed Instruction For Emergency

  • A signed record of Unusual Incidents and Accidents form # 4

  • A signed Authorization for Medication form # 5

  • A signed Tuition Agreement


The Medical records and the emergency and identification forms must be updated as needed.


Please keep your child home if:

  • Running a fever – 100°F or above

  • Has any discharge from the nose, eyes or ears.

  • Has symptoms of possible communicable disease

  • Generally not feeling like him/herself


Parents are required to inform the school of all illnesses or injuries the child may have sustained prior to arriving at the center. If your child has a communicable disease, please notify us at once. A Doctor’s note clearing the child from being contagious is required in order to accept him/her back to school.


Medications may be administered at the school for the length of time indicated by the physician. Bottles must be labeled with the child’s name and dosage. The medication permission form (H.R.S. #5 CARD) must be fully completed and signed in the office prior to the medication being dispensed. There will be NO exceptions.


A nutritional variety of snacks including, but not limited to, juice, fruits, cheese & crackers, puddings and raisins is provided by the school and served at mid-morning and mid-afternoon. You have the option to bring your child his/her own snacks


Children may bring their lunch from home or buy a lunch from the school program. Our hot lunch program is an option you may desire. It includes hot lunch and snack for $10.00 a week. Please label all food containers, bottles and cups at all times. We ask that all hot food items are sent to school in a thermos. Prepare a meal, which is nutritious and to liking of your child. State of Florida H.R.S. holds the center responsible for overseeing that lunches served meet set quality standards. Please advise us if your child is restricted or allergic to any foods or drinks.


Share in our commitment to maximize each child potential. We encourage the parents to become active participants in school activities. When parents participate, children become enthusiastic and motivated feeling that they as well as their, are special.


Time is the most important investment you can make, time at home to extend love and understanding and time to maintain open channels of communication with your child’s teacher. Teachers are readily available for scheduled parent-teacher conferences in order to discuss specific needs of the child, academic progress or to simply assist with or answer any question concerning your child.


During the school year, children will be evaluated while performing age-related activities and tested on material covered in the curriculum. Written progress reports will be sent home for your review and consideration.


Another ways for families to be involved in our school are: Family members can do projects at home that will benefit all children in the day care, sharing aspects of their cultural heritage, sharing the special talents and interest, participating in a study something they are knowledgeable about, to participate in parties, food tasting, books fairs, bake sales, field trips, lunches and more.

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