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It's all about Your Child

At FOR KIDS ONLY ACADEMY, we have a deep understanding of what makes children think. Our focus is on helping them develop their potential through a healthy mix of educational and recreational activities.


We hold that is important for a child to have experiences by himself and with other children and adults in a safe, positive, accepting atmosphere where he can explore the limits of his environment and his individual abilities. Our Philosophy encompasses the belief that parents are vital in the classroom, not just to maintain discipline, although that is a small part of the process, but for other reasons as well.

Some of these reasons are:


  1. To learn about and observe children so that we can gain support and improve in our roles as parents;

  2. to develop a maximum amount of continuity between home and school so as to permit greater satisfaction with the program for both parent and child;

  3. to provide a greater source of information for teachers and children (each parent is a unique vellof experience and information and should make every effort to share his talents in the classroom);

  4. because every person is different to provide the children experience with different kinds of parents, and finally;

  5. because each parent increases his own child's self-esteem by considering him important enough to take the time to be involved with him and his friends in his special group program.


In addition, parents create the spirit and feeling of the school in general. If we have an impersonal feeling-- "It's THEIR school" rather than "It's OUR school"-- then the school will be impersonal because it reflects the attitudes of the people involved. If parents feel irritation about bringing their children to school, that becomes part of the subtle fiber of the school's spirit also.


To be sure that we maintain that positive, accepting atmosphere that is basic to our philosophy, we must first strive for the personal "OUR school" feeling.


It's up to all of us - including the parents - to encourage our kids to bolster their own personal development, independence and creativity. Because this cannot be done without the support of family and friends, we support the parents in educating their children in a manner that is consistent with their own values and beliefs.


Together, we can prepare your child for the wonderful life that lies ahead!


What children need is what they get at FOR KIDS ONLY ACADEMY:

  • Early exposure to languages

  • Early music education

  • Exercise

  • Preschool-level academic work

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